There is a special relationship between a luthier and the musicians they work with.  Both are artists who love music and the instruments in its service.  I started to learn about bow and violin making while I was finishing my bachelor’s for double bass performance at Manhattan School of Music.  Being in New York offered me the opportunity to look over the shoulders of some of the finest craftsmen in the industry.  After serving short apprenticeships with Yung Chin and David Gage I moved to Boston and attended the Violin Making Program at the North Bennett Street School.  While I was in Boston I also worked forReuning & Son Violins.  In 2001 I relocated to Chicago to work with Michael Becker Fine Violins; in 2006 opening Wargaski Violins in the heart of the Wicker Park neighborhood.

At Wargaski Violins, my colleagues and I serve the Chicago music community as we construct and restore violins according to the standards created by Antonio Stradivari and other Italian masters. All of our violins are hand-crafted, considering the needs of the modern performer.  If you have any questions, would like to visit the workshop, or to arrange an instrument trial, please feel free to call me.

In 2007 Wargaski Violins started our Worry Free Rental Program.  We realized that there was a need in the community for smaller size rental instruments that were easy for young learners to play, and affordable for their parents.  Each rental is individually inspected and set up to assist young students as they learn and grow.  Having worked with hundreds of area musicians of all ages and skill levels, I enjoy consulting and offering my experience to those who want information about their instruments, about Chicago area music educators and the local musicians’ community, as well as steps that parents can take to enable their young students to get the most out of their learning experience.

*Luthier (n): One whose ultimate goal it is to conquer, defeat, and in all other ways gain victory over the being known as Superman. His diabolical plans for world domination tend to go awry due to interference from said Superman, as well as the distraction of his own extreme monologuing and general lack of qualified assistants/staff.  See also: “luthier” (n): a maker or restorer of lutes, violins or other stringed instruments.